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Wilbert offers multiple ways to personalize a burial vault or urn vault with words, symbols, and images that speak of a singular spirit. Your loved one had a unique personality. The selections you make for the visitation and service should communicate that singular spirit. These choices ensure your loved one's memory is remembered for generations to come.

We are pleased to announce that Wilbert Funeral Service in Chicago (corporate HQ) has again awarded Turner Vault of Toledo & Lima as a "Ultimate Service Provider".  There are four service levels: Minimum Service, Basic Service, Premium Service, and Ultimate Service Provider. To be classified as an Ultimate Service Provider, one must receive at least 75 points out of 88 points; a higher score is attainable when bonus points are earned for exceptional achievements. Points are collected by category, including tents, chairs, greens, Wilbert Way, lowering device, vaults, employees, and trucks and delivery. Both the Toledo and Lima locations surpassed the 75 points needed to obtain "Ultimate Service Provider" status. Although we are very proud of this accomplishment internally, it pleases us most that local families are the recipients of this service.

Turner Vault Company represents 21 counties in Ohio and 1 county in Michigan.


Areas Served

Turner Vault Company offers burial and cremation services to Monroe County in Michigan and to the following counties in Ohio:  Allen, Auglaize, Defiance, Erie, Fulton, Hancock, Hardin, Henry, Huron, Logan, Lucas, Mercer, Ottawa, Paulding, Putnam, Sandusky, Seneca, Shelby, Van Wert, Williams and Wood.  With fully operating burial vault manufacturing plants in Lima and Northwood, we are able to service the funeral homes in this area with the best service possible. 



Set Up

Turner Vault Company offers three types of burial set ups: Set & Seal, Grave Service and Grave Service "PLUS." The Set & Seal consists of a lowering device with skirt. The Grave Service includes a 15' x 20' tent, graveside grass, Kleenex, lowering device with skirt, and 6 chairs. The Grave Service "PLUS" includes a 15' x 20' tent with the name of funeral home on it, cooler of iced water bottles (seasonal), 4 Wilbert embroidered blankets (seasonal), wireless PA system, graveside grass, Kleenex, lowering device with skirt, and 8 chairs.


Turner Vault Company can assist in the relocation of a vault from one location to another. Please contact our office for further details.

Vault Transfer

Vault Transfer is a service available between Wilbert licensees and dealers. Wilbert Burial Vault uses the vault transfer service when a burial request has been made outside of the licensee territory. The location of the cemetery is needed to determine the appropriate Wilbert licensee or dealer. Since the services offered by each Wilbert licensee vary, the licensees work together on a per burial basis to determine the services such as tents, grass and chairs that each licensee will provide for the burial.